Monday, 30 April 2012

A softy and a box of brownies..


This Nelly was hastily assembled and put in a bag with a box of chocolate brownies as a get well gift for a little boy.

We hope you feel better soon.

Completed Baby Quilt Zoo and a wet weekend.

We had a really wet and windy weekend here. That and a cough meant a weekend indoors. So naturally I did some sewing!
The baby quilt is finished..
Finished baby quilt zoo

The quilting was inspired by this quilt over at Blue Elephant Stitches, but I am glad it was on a smaller scale as it was quite tricky to manhandle the quilt and keep the loops flowing.

Finished baby quilt zoo reverse

I also made another shirt from the same pattern as this one, but in black and am happy to say that this one is ok and won't end up as a cushion!!
I really liked the linen and decided to recycle an old linen skirt to make the red vest top from Butterick B4518.
Two new tops
I particularly like the neck facing detail of red nellies..

Neck facing detail of shirt
The Nelly fabrics came from a trip to Tavistock last week but I'm afraid I don't know the designer.

three gorgeous Nellie fabrics
And finally, despite the continued wind and rain I managed a short gap to photo these beauties in the garden...



Have a good week.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Baby quilt zoo.

My son's teacher is expecting her first baby and what better excuse to make a baby quilt.
 They are just the right sized project for me.
 Lots of fun to design and make but a manageable size to quilt and finish without it taking months.

As usual I changed my mind a few times.
I bought a piece of bright coloured dinosaurs with a black background initially, but just couldn't get inspired.
Then I found a roughly fat quartered size piece of animal prints that was left over from a previous quilt. I cut it up into the animals as far as I could and added some plains, spots and stripes, and this is the result so far..
Baby quilt top

The weather here is so wet and windy, the outdoor photo shoot will have to wait for the finished quilt.
It would look good by the orange poppies but hopefully will be finished before then!
Hope you had a good weekend.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cherry Blossom Cushion

Finished cushion

The cushion is finished.
Not a great photo but I was dodging the torrential rain we have had on and off all day.

Cherry blossom shirt back

The reverse was a rather lovely pink shirt that matches the cherry blossom from our neighbour's tree.
 (I was hoping that it didn't fall off the fence into their garden at this point!).

Lucky that I got the potatoes in last weekend so they will be well watered.
(Old bed frame and sticks to keep the chickens from scrawping them up).

Potatoes are in.

Broad beans in too and they are protected by the old chicken run.
We didn't like keeping the chickens in a confined space so decided the veg could go in instead!!

Broad beans under the old chicken run.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pebble quilting

After seeing the quilting on this lovely quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts, I decided that I would have a go.

Luckily I started on a smaller scale!

Pebble quilting 

It took me ages and don't look too closely as the pebbles are definitely a bit organic.

I love the feel of it and the back (shirt as usual!) is almost as interesting as the front.

Pebble quilting reverse

I think this little piece is destined to be a cushion, will show you later.

Mellow yellow.

I don't know what it is about yellow but I never wear it and I rarely sew with it.

I have painted a kitchen yellow in our previous house and loved it.

There is lots of yellow in the garden at the moment...


Cowslips are my favourite.


Sweet scented narcissi.


Tulips (ok there is a fair amount of red in there!).


Primroses (plus a few weeds).

I think this is an epimedium but I could be wrong

I think these are epimedium but I'm not sure!

Yellow rose not out yet

And this beautiful old rose that is not quite out yet but promises great things despite being harshly pruned off the path while in full bud!!!
(I wasn't cross really. After all, he is a pretty good hedge cutter and lawn mower. And diggger overer when my back plays up. And dog walker. And assistant cleaner, cook and bottle washer.)

So may be I should sew with some yellow sometimes.