Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Beetle Bug in the Asters

Beetle bug in the Asters. Made from pattern in book called 'Softies' .

This is Bert,  a 'beetle bug' from the book 'Softies' which I have mentioned before.
 It is a great book for soft toy patterns and this is the 7th type of toy pattern that I have made from the book now.
The pattern was easy to trace and the intructions simple to follow and he took less than an episode of 'New Tricks' on the iplayer to make. The head is blanket, the body one of my favourite Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and the legs are a recycled shirt. He looks particularly at home in the Asters which are in full bloom.

Liberated sampler- still going!

I am still going with the liberated sampler and have now run out of the 'Ten Little Things' fabric. It is looking a bit white at the moment so I think I will try and introduce some colour with the quilting. I wondered about big colourful running stitches like the Kantha quilts from India.Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Catching the setting sun on the new log pile

We have a new log pile ready for the winter and it is a great place to take photos in the evening light.
Liberated sampler-WIP
The liberated sampler is growing and I only have a few small pieces of the charm pack (Ten Little Things) left now so I am thinking a border of some sort.

Finished cushion by the log pile
The cushion that I started on holiday is finished and will be ready to warm a new home.
Glassses case
And finally a glasses case for a friend.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Linen skirts

I really like wearing linen skirts and have a couple that I use on holiday that were shortened from old bias cut skirts that I have had for years.
I decided that I wanted some to wear for work and found this pattern by Newlook number 6053.
I made it first in black and used some bias binding that I found in Liberty's in London, to hem it. The binding didn't show but I new it was there.

Skirt number one  from Newlook pattern 6053.
Then I decided to make a second skirt from the same pattern but this time put the bias binding on the outside and I love it!

Skirt number two made from Newlook pattern 6053 and hemmed using bias binding from Liberty
(The other rose patterned fabric is just the facing at the waist edge). 
Skirt number two. Newlook pattern 6053.

Our first Hollyhock came out this  week and I am hoping the others will flower next year aswell.
 The colour is fantastic and the plants are made more special as the hanfull of seeds were pulled from some plants I admired, and  given to me by a very kind person.
Hollyhock flowers

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Figs and flowers

We have lots of these on a tree in the garden..
Figs- any recipe ideas?
I am not very good at using them up before they go soft.
I have tried cooking them in a sort of syrup but I seem to be the only one eating them and the rest of the family just look at them with horror!
Any ideas for other recipes that work?
Has anyone made figgy pudding or maybe some sort of cake?
sweet peas


The sweet peas are still going and are providing a burst of colour on the kitchen table.
The liberated sampler is growing and I will try and get some pictures at the weekend.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cows in the mist!

Cows in the mist
It was a beautiful misty morning yesterday, children all back to school, and my final day of holiday.
I went for an early morning walk with the dog and took my camera.
Spiders web 2
The spider webs were amazing because of the mist.
So much for a pumpkin!
Our vegetable patch has been disappointing this year to say the least.
This just about sums it up, so much for a pumpkin pie!
Climbing french beans- probably the most sucessful this year but that's not saying much
I think the french climbing beans did best.
Hoverfly on the rudbeckia
The flowers had a better year.
This is a hoverfly on the rudbeckia that have just started to come out.
Rose- second flush of flowers
And my favourite rose is having a second flush of flowers.
Just in case you thought I had not been doing any sewing...
Linen skirt all cut out
This is a linen skirt, cut out and ready to sew together.
A make shift design wall!
And these are my random liberated blocks, from the 'Ten Little Things' charm pack and a recycled white sheet.
I have learnt how to do a windmill!
Have a good weekend.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Lavender supply from one bush- Angustifolia I think but not sure which one.
One bush gave me all this and there is still more to come as you can see. I'm doing the 'bundle it up as you go' method this year as last year it all ended up a bit of a mess and was difficult to separate from the stems.
I never know exactly when to pick it and I probably leave it a bit late really but the bees are having such a good time on it I don't want to spoil all their fun!
Soon I will be able to start some smelly nellies, aroma robbins and who knows...
Fragrant Fish? Smelly Snake? Beautiful Bug?!!!