Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sussed it!

The pattern mentioned in my last two posts from the Poppy Treffry book, Free and Easy Stitch Style.
This time I made a small purse as a present for a little chap.
 I appliqued a bug and a bird from some Urban Zoologie fabric I got from Fabric Rehab a while ago now.
The bug is on the front..

Purse front.
 a birdie on the back..
Purse reverse!
and a little apple tucked under the flap..
Another small purse made using the Poppy Treffry technique.

And the chrysanthemums have come out.
I was given a small clump of these a couple of years ago and they are just a great colour at this time of year when most other things are over.
And the best bit is my little clump has grown and is nearly big enough to give a bit to someone else.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Purses and Puddings!

I have been making a purse from the Poppy Treffry book that I mentioned in my last post.
The technique is so brilliantly nifty and a new one on me.
I used a pair of old jeans and my scrap box, and lined it with part of an old skirt..

Call-off-the-search purse from pattern in 'Free and easy stitch style' by Poppy Treffry
Unfortunately, although the instructions were generally very clear and easy to follow, there was one diagram that I misinterpreted.
When the purse was finished and looking lovely, I opened it up to find a row of upsidedown bunting under the flap!!!
 Not what was planned or what the finished picture in the book showed.
Inside of purse that I got a bit wrong!!

If I had applied my brain a little more I would have worked this out, but because the technique was new to me, I blindly followed the instructions without thinking much at all.
Never mind, this one will have to be for me.
Next time I will be more aware of which bit ends up where and I will definitely be using the pattern again.

Off out for lunch and taking these beauties..
Ginger biscuit base, cream and fromage frais in the middle and a layer of blackcurrant puree.
(Recipe adapted from one in the September Waitrose magazine I was given).
 It's very quick and easy - my sort of pudding!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A bit of this and that

I was lent a book by a friend this week called 'Free and Easy Stitch Style' by Poppy Treffry.
 I have admired Poppy Treffry things in the shops around here for a while so it was good to have a go. I used the flower template and had a go on a piece of fabric to make a sponge bag (not in the book).
This was the result..

Flower applique from book by Poppy Treffry called 'Free and Easy Stitch Style'.
And the flower detail..

Flower detail
I didn't use a hoop as advised but will try that next time when I have found it!
I will definitely use the technique again. I like the ragged edges.

I have also started the quilting of my sampler quilt, spurred on by a kind comment that reminded me it was still sitting on the 'to do' pile..

Sampler quilt. Starting to quilt 'kantha' style.
We have had some lovely autumnal sunshine here this week in between the showers, as well as some very high tides.
This is the river at Cothele with the water coming over the banks and the early morning mist still in the air.
Cothele at high tide and in the early morning mist.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Evie evolves

Evie now has knee joints and a pointy hat!
My Mum and Dad popped in and I showed them Evie.
Mum kind of held the hat up straight, and Dad suggested knees!
Now she can sit beautifully and her hat is tall and pointy.

Evie the Elf

I have been making the Elf I mentioned in my last post.
Instead of doing the sensible thing and buying the Christmas Book, I bought the spring one (because I wanted the rabbit pattern) and have been improvising from the Witch pattern.
The book is called 'Crafting Springtime Gifts' by Tilda.

What I failed to think about was the size of her nose.
It started like this..
Before the plastic surgery (this is an Elf not a Witch!)

but I thought it looked a bit big for an Elf and so did a bit of 'plastic' surgery.

I also made a bit of a hash of her shirt which was covered with a lovely pinnafore dress for the Witch, but looked a tad revealing on Evie and suggested she had eaten too many pies (or christmas puddings)!

The first attempt at a shirt!!

After a few alterations, Evie is now suitably dressed for her duties of helping Santa and happily posed for a garden photo shoot in a sunny spell between the showers...
Evie on the hedge
And again
On the hedge.
Evie dangling from the buddleia
Dangling from the Buddleia.
Evie in the Rosemary
In the Rosemary.
Evie in the bay tree
In the bay tree.
Evie on the Holly (Ouch!)
And finally in the Holly Tree, ouch!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Some home grown veg and an Elf

Sweet corn
It has been a difficult year for veg here in the south west of England and I don't think it's just me!
Lots of things were a complete flop but this weekend I picked the corn expecting it to be empty and was excited to find these lovely yellow gems.
And thanks to my father in law who took pity on my neglected greenhouse, we also have a late and plentifull crop of cherry toms too.
A pixie in the making!
The book I spoke of was Crafting Springtime Gifts. I know it isn't springtime but the options of patterns looked better than in the christmas one and I loved the bunnies.
 I will be doing one of them soon, but this is the beginnings of an elf!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Escaped to the loft!

It's been busy around here lately but today I have had a lovely few hours catching up with Downton Abbey and sewing in my little bit of loft space.
I made a purse for a present.

I know that probably most people now make puses with concealed seams but even though I think I have mastered the technique I still prefer to do them like this because I find the zip just 'sits' better.
I had fun with the inner pocket but left the outside more plain.
Pocket detail on lining
 The sweet peas are still flowering beautifully.

The sweet peas are still going!

There are some late antirrhinum doing their best

Some late antirrhinum

And the Hollyhock is sagging a bit with the rain.

Raindrops on the Hollyhock

I bought a Tilda book this week and am off to play with it now.
I'll share the results later.
Have a good weekend.